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Fall/Winter 2020

Laura & Scott

October 12, 2019

“The most unique element of our wedding day was having it in our backyard. We really liked the idea of doing it at home so that every day we can look out at our backyard and see the spot where we made a lifelong commitment to each other. Neither of us is big on being the center of attention, especially in front of a big crowd, so keeping it small felt more like us. We wanted to be able to spend quality time with our guests, as well as each other, on our wedding day and that’s just not really feasible with a larger group.”

“Scott actually built the bridge we stood on to get married. Walking down the aisle with my parents and seeing Scott…I honestly don’t know if the memory in my head is one from my own brain camera or from our images, but I do have a pretty steady image of his smile and the look on his face when we first saw each other. I hope I never forget that look.” ~ Laura

Brittany Butterworth Photograph
English's Bridal
Acacio Da Silva at Aeracura
Dean’s Duets
Quanto Basta
Ketchie Creek Bakery

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Photo credits: Brittany Butterworth Photography