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Spring/Summer 2016

Molly & Tyler

When Molly, a teacher, and Tyler, a plant technician, were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, it was love at first sight and they knew they would be together forever. “I knew I had the one and never doubted it for a second. He was the type of guy that I had ALWAYS wanted and I knew my heart had found a home,” said Molly.

As an homage to their first meeting, Tyler centered his proposal around recreating every moment of their first date. From the restaurant to the ice skating rink, there were cards waiting for Molly explaining in loving detail how he treasured their time together on that very first night. The train tracks in downtown Greensboro served as the final stop, where Molly was given a blank card and a proposal as her scavenger hunt came to an end and a new chapter of their life together began.

Thrilled to be marrying one another, the couple felt little stress or worry over their southern vintage wedding and reception at the Penn House and opted to keep their celebration as relaxed and as full of fun as their relationship. Dedicated to keeping everything local, Molly and Tyler looked to TriadWeddings Magazine for inspiration, vendors and planning tips. With lanterns, tree rings, and hues of wood among their themed colors of spa blue, sunflower yellow, and silver, Molly and Tyler achieved a beautiful rustic look that catered to their tastes and also offered a summertime feel.

Though it rained on their wedding day, Molly and Tyler wouldn’t change a thing about their experience. As a vibrant rainbow emerged from the storm clouds following their union, the happy couple gave very heartfelt thank-you’s to each guest as they exited their rows at the end of the ceremony and they both agree that they could not have asked for more.

“We had our closest friends in our party, a great friend directing, family and friends playing the music, friends making the cake, family all around us, and two people who couldn’t love one another any more if they tried. There was not much sadness because this was a day that everyone wanted to see us be as one.”

The Penn House
Misty Felde Photography
David’s Bridal
Men’s Warehouse
Annette Kenealy
Short Sugars
Matt Smith (Gospel Baptist Church)
Kristi Faw (Hair Reflections)
Jan Pettigrew (Belk)
BJ Case
Greg Smith
Sunflower Seeds

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Photo credits: Misty Felde Photography