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Fall/Winter 2016

Laura & Mark

Laura and Mark both applied to St. Andrews College's honors program and were assigned to the same dorm, two doors apart. They quickly became great friends, and once Laura realized her feelings for Mark had grown, she ask him out on a date and the rest is history!

After ten years of dating, lots of talk about marriage and ring shopping, Laura waited somewhat patiently for Mark to pop the question. Yet, Mark was trying to figure out the best way to surprise Laura, since she knew a proposal was coming. The couple had even settled on a ring design that incorporated a diamond solitaire that belonged to his maternal grandmother.

In November of 2012, Mark brought a dozen cupcakes to their traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Laura's parents' place. He had replaced one cupcake with the ring box. At dessert time, the family - who was in on the surprise - let Laura pick out the first cupcake, and when she saw the ring box, she gasped. Mark finally asked her to marry him!

The couple married at Childress Vineyards, and despite the fact that their ceremony had to be moved indoors due to rain, the day was filled with fun, romance and love.

Some of the most memorable parts of the day were the unique wedding traditions that were incorporated into their ceremony... a Scandinavian Ring Warming and the Lasso.

The Scandinavian Ring Warming involved placing their wedding rings in a small pouch that was passed around to all of their guests, giving each person a chance to silently share their heartfelt thoughts for the couple and their marriage.

The Lasso, essentially an oversized rosary, was lassoed around the shoulders of Laura and Mark before the exchanging of their vows. The act symbolizes unity of the couple and the sharing of the responsibility of marriage. The figure eight represents the mathematical symbol for infinity and the number eight in the Bible is also the number of new beginnings. And, the use of rosary beads reflects that the bride and groom are forever bound together in unity by God.

Other than the weather, the couple wouldn't have changed a thing about their special wedding day.

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In the Spotlight

Photo credits: J. Darren Photography