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Fall/Winter 2015

Karen & Ryan

Karen and Ryan met on Although they had mutual friends, somehow they never managed to meet until they connected on the dating site. The two fell in love after their first couple of dates and got engaged while on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Karen and Ryan chose to have their wedding at Revolution Mill Events Center on April 11th, yet the two were already married when this date arrived. Karen’s beloved father had been battling cancer and because his condition was deteriorating, they arranged to have a wedding on March 5th so her dad could be with them when they joined their lives in matrimony.

“My sisters and I persuaded my dad into letting us move the ceremony up literally a day before the first wedding. We had asked weeks earlier when we learned the cancer had metastasized to his brain, but he said no; he promised he would be there at my wedding to walk me down the aisle. With 24 hours notice, Jeff from J. Darren Photography dropped everything to come photograph this wedding and I am so grateful for him. The pictures he took were amazing and he went above and beyond. Also, Melissa with Relish Design Company cancelled her appointments for the day to come help out and brought me a bouquet. My two sisters had the wedding catered, flowers brought in, and even a DJ all lined up within 24 hours! Despite it all, I am truly blessed!” Karen shared.  

Their second ceremony at Revolution Mill was beautiful and in lieu of her dad, Karen’s uncle walked her down the aisle.

“My sister, Becky, gave a toast and talked about how my dad had come to her in a dream the night before. He had always promised me he would walk me down the aisle no matter what. She didn’t know he ever said this to me. She said he came to her in her dream and said, ‘you have to find a way I can walk Karen down the aisle.’ My sister, not knowing what to do and feeling desperate, came up with the idea of having two of his cuff sleeve buttons (from the shirt he had worn during the previous wedding where he gave me away) pinned inside the pins holding the calla lilies of my bouquet together without me ever knowing. During her toast I learned that my dad did in fact walk with me down the aisle. This was a very emotional moment for me and there were very few dry eyes in the reception at this point,” continued Karen.

“My dad loved my husband like his own son and spoke his praises often. I know he was there on April 11th in spirit, and in my bouquet, but I still missed him very much.”

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In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Photo credits: J. Darren Photography