It was a modern love storywe met on Tinder! A friend actually swiped right on Phil for me because he knew I would think Phil was handsome. That friend actually replied to Phils first message to me and I took it from there. After a short time chatting on the app, Phil asked me to dinner and the rest is history!

On the Friday of my birthday weekend, Phil took me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. After dinner, we came home and he asked if I wanted my birthday present. Of course, I did! He took me outside, flipped a switch on our back deck, and hundreds of beautiful twinkly lights lit up our backyard. Id wanted lights like this forever, so I thought it was such an incredibly thoughtful gift! Little did I know that wasnt the gift at all. As I hugged him and said thank you, I could feel his heart beating quickly. Before I had time to process why that might be the case, he took a deep breath, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I couldnt stop shaking from excitement as I said yes!

I wish I could relive our wedding day over and over again. It all went by so quickly in a blissful blur. Phils aunt married us in front of our dearest friends and family before we all danced the night away! There was so much joy, laughter, happy tears, and love throughout the wedding day. Ill never forget that feeling!

I have Celiac Disease and it was important to me that I be able to fully eat and enjoy myself at our wedding. Printworks made every menu item totally gluten free and safe for me to eat. We had a beautiful cake brought in from Delicious Bakery for our guests and a separate two-tier gluten free cake for Phil and me to enjoy from Wallflour Bakery. It was perfect! ~ Emily


ceremony/reception/flowers/event design/lighting | Proximity Hotel

photography | Alayna Kaye Photography

gown | Lovely Bride Charleston

bridesmaids’ dresses | Dessy

groom’s formalwear | M. Dumas and Sons

invitations | Minted

cake | Delicious Bakery and Wallflour Bakery

catering | Printworks Bistro

officiant | Lisa Saunders

hair/makeup | Tease + Blush

coordinator | Relish Design Company

music/entertainment | The Project 919 Band

party rentals | The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals

sewing/alterations | Nadya D Studios



Proximity Hotel


Alayna Kaye Photography


Lovely Bride Charleston

bridesmaids' dresses:


groom/groomsmen’s formalwear:

M. Dumas And Sons



wedding cake:

Delicious Bakery, Wallflour Bakery

smaller cake with dogs:



Printworks Bistro


Tom Grandy, Proximity Hotel


Lisa Saunders

hair services:

Tease + Blush

makeup services:

Tease + Blush

event designer/planner/coordinator:

Kirsten Roberts, Proximity Hotel, Kirsten Roberts, Proximity Hotel


The 919 Band



party rentals:

Proximity Hotel, The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals



photo booth:



Nadya D Studios

yard games:


butterfly release:


ice cream truck: